2015 Race Results

Congratulations to JavaJog 2015 Race Winners!  

JavaJog 2015 welcomed nearly 200 runners April 10th at South Lake Union Park in Seattle. Lots of fun was had by all, and there were serious competitors this years for top places.  Here are the results!

10K Winners: Men

  1. Jaroslav Tucek, Doubleshot Coffee, 38:03.1
  2. David Yake, Tony’s Coffee, 38:09.2
  3. Daniel Shewmaker, Caffe Vita, 38:17.4

10K Winners: Women

  1. Sarah Kluth, Revalator Coffee, 38:47.9
  2. Sarah Higgens, Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, 40:55.0
  3. Lindsey Mesta, California Coffee Growers, 48:29.5

5K Winners: Men

  1. Derek Cerretani, Stoked Roasters, 21:15.4
  2. Jeff Brooks, 21:44.5
  3. Andrew Sargent, Neumann Foundation, 22:36.4

5K Winners: Women

  1. Mary Haiderer, Cherry Street Coffee House, 23:14.1
  2. Candace White, Caffe Vita, 23:30.9
  3. Heather Nakamura, ECOM, 23:39.7

All 5K Results

All 10K Results




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