2015 Cause – Ethiopian Women

Ethiopia – birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian women are the heart and soul behind this extraordinary beverage.  Ethiopian coffee is prized around the world by coffee connoisseurs.  Most experienced coffee buyers and cuppers will tell you that easily Ethiopian coffees are among their top three favorites.   Ethiopian women form the backbone of the coffee industry, yet share little of the benefits from their hard work.  They rarely receive proper recognition for the important tasks they fulfill, let alone receive proper remuneration for their dedicated work.  Beyond that, women bear the brunt of poverty endemic in the Ethiopian countryside.

JavaJog 2015 raised more than $25,000 that was awarded to two organizations: Grounds for Health and Girls Gotta Run. 

husbans and wife

 Learn more about their proposals here:

processing expertsGirls Gotta Run
Grounds for Health

Learn more about the grant process here.

We are grateful for all of our sponsors who make JavaJog possible!



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