ImmaculeeJavaJog for a Cause combines fun, fitness and coffee – bringing together people at coffee events to raise money and awareness for women in the coffee industry. At our first race April 2013 in Boston, fifteen runners braved biting winds to run 5K and raise $7500 for women farmers in the Eastern Congo who suffer unbearable violence, yet remain full of inspiration.

We are a small group of volunteers working with low overhead to funnel as much money as possible to women in coffee producing communities. The JavaJog organizing committee is made up of : Kimberly Easson, Aimee Russillo, Beth Ann Caspersen, Willem Boot, Laura Everage.

Our favorite question is: “This is exciting! How can I get more involved?”  Companies and individuals can become an official JavaJog sponsor, volunteer to help out on race day or before, set up running/fundraising teams and join us on race day!

More questions? Find answers in our FAQs

We are forever grateful to our Founding Runners who have given uJavaJog2013s the spark for JavaJog!

Craig Holt, Willem Boot, Rick Peyser, Carolyn Fairman, Kyle Freund, Kat Nolte, Aimee Russillo, Beth Ann Caspersen, Jon Kunitake, Elie Matusak, Mbula Musau, Richard Hide, Drewery Pearson, Kimberly Easson


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