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Its Time to Invest the $25,000 Raised for Coffee Women in Ethiopia

Funding Proposals Now Being Accepted!

WOW ~ This year’s JavaJoggers raised $25,000 through donations from friends, family and colleagues from near and far!  Now its time to embark on the grants process that will decide which worthy projects will receive the funds.

We have already invited several organizations to submit proposals, and the process is open to others that meet the criteria described in the grant protocols. Please help spread the word!

Here is a snapshot of this year’s timeline:

  • April/May: JavaJog invites up to organizations to submit funding proposals
  • May: Grant Review Committee members confirmed
  • 15th June 2015: Funding proposals due, JavaJog Advisory Council assembles and compiles
  • 25th of June 2015: All proposals that meet basic criteria sent to external Grant Review Committee for independent review
  • Grant Committee meets virtually to discuss proposals and make final recommendations to JavaJog Advisory Committee by 24th of July
  • 3rd of August: recipients announced. Signing of contracts between JavaJog and Grant Recipients.
  • Funds disbursed by end of August
  • Initial report due December 2015 with pictures
  • Final report due with pictures and end financials Feb 2016

We look forward to receiving and reviewing proposals for this year’s funds, and keeping the JavaJog community apprised of the progress.

Thanks for all you do, JavaJog supporters!